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Community Education Special Request Form

  1. Frisco Fire Safety Town
  2. Community Education Special Request Form

    Use this form to make special requests for our participation in such events as FISD PTA Health/Safety Fairs, FISD Career Days, Civic Group Meetings, HOA Member Meetings, and church related community events. Please note, we try to accommodate each request in some way; However, due to staffing limitations and scheduling conflicts we may not be able to provide a personal appearance for each request. 

    If you need to schedule an Firefighter visit with a fire apparatus or a station tour please visit the our Community Engagement page for the Fire Dept:

  3. Help us plan how many handouts and giveaways to bring.
  4. answer n/a if does not apply
  5. Please indicate the size and shape of the tables you have and if any covering is provided. (n/a if does not apply)
  6. List what specific AV items we should plan to bring. (n/a if does not apply)
  7. Please provide details about where volunteers should park, enter, check in, etc.
  8. Please give us further details to explain your request.
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