Virtual Field Trips

Public Program Options

Now Available -- Virtual Basic First Aid.
This video based program can be used by any family or group wanting to teach their elementary aged students about Basic First Aid.  Recommended ages: 6-13. This 20 minutes video covers minor cuts, burns, insect bites, splinters/glass, heat exhaustion, hands only CPR, AED and more. 

Sign up for the week you would like to show the B.F.A. video to your group.

School Study Trip Registration Information

Register now for Kindergarten, First or Fourth grade programs.

TEACHERS: please review the following information before registering your grade level.

  • First Grade Motor Vehicle Safety and Fourth Grade Severe Weather Safety will remain available. 
  • We will add Kindergarten Intro to 9-1-1 and Emergency Services in February.
  • One teacher registers for entire grade level (for both F2F and Virtual students)  
  • Select a week to show your students the video based virtual learning module on whatever day suits your schedule.  
  • We will email the video link the Friday before your scheduled week. 
  • Allow thirty (30) minutes for the presentation;  Each video will run 15-20 minutes long.  
  • After your students participate in video based learning, the same teacher will complete an online Education Summary Form (ESF) form and attach a list of participating students.  
  • The class list (first name/last initial for each student is all that is needed) will show us all students who watched the video. We will use this list to confirm vouchers when a student arrives at Safety Town for ride time participation; It will not be used for any other purpose.
  • After the ESF/class list is received, we will email you the Ride Time Voucher information for your students. 
  • Any questions about submitting the class list can be sent to
  • In the meantime, share with your students/parents a link to our At Home Activities Page for further learning and fun!

We will re-open Safety Town on June 1, 2021.  Those who received ride-time vouchers may visit our Voucher page for more details and to schedule your visit.  We look forward to having your ride with us soon! 

PARENTS:  please review the following information to insure you are able to bring your child for ride time. 

  • Print the voucher and write your student’s name, school and grade on it. 
  • Keep it in a safe place until Safety Town announces Ride Time dates/times. The voucher will be required for entry.
  • Watch our website and social media channels for an announcement about dates to redeem vouchers. 
  • Once dates are announced, register your student for the date/time you would like to attend.  
  • Your child's teacher has provided a roster of names of the students who participated in the virtual field trip; We will cross reference this list when voucher is presented.
  • Once ride time dates are announced there will be a specified window of time in which to redeem them.  
  • It is unknown at this time if there will be any restrictions on group size for attendance.  Be prepared to not bring siblings if there are limitations.  
  • Each student riding will need an adult chaperone with him /her.
  • Review our Parent/Chaperone page and our Parking page prior to your visit.