School Year Study Trip Registration

Typically, we open registration to FISD only starting early August through mid-November.  

Open registration for all others starts mid-November each -- to fill any remaining open time slots.  

Each grade level attending classes at Frisco Fire Safety Town studies a different safety topic. Programs are presented in a fun and interactive environment with age-appropriate lessons and hands-on learning. After each class, students are given the opportunity to ride in our outdoor town, weather permitting.

To access our registration calendar please visit our Online Registration Page


Kindergartners will study introduction to 911 and emergency services. Students in this class will practice calling 911.

1st Grade

1st graders will study motor vehicle and pedestrian safety. Students drive motorized vehicles throughout the outdoor area of Safety Town to practice motor vehicle safety and obeying traffic signs and signals. 

2nd Grade

2nd graders study fire safety and burn prevention during their safety program. Students practice escaping from the window of a smoke-filled bedroom.

3rd Grade

3rd graders study bicycle and pedestrian safety during their safety program. Students ride bicycles throughout the outdoor Safety Town streets to practice using hand signals and obeying traffic signs and signals. They also practice using real working cross walk signals.

4th Grade

4th graders study severe weather and disaster preparedness during their safety program. After a simulated severe weather emergency, students will seek shelter from an approaching tornado in our ‘Safety House' and practice assembling an emergency preparedness bag.

5th Grade

5th graders study home and life safety during their safety program. Students learn about hazards in the home and ways to keep safe while home alone.