Learn About

  1. Home School Group Information

    'Home School Days' are offered at the beginning of each school year for home-schooled children (K-5).

  2. Programs by Grade Level

    Frisco Fire Safety Town offers programs for children in grades K-5, featuring topics like 'Intro to 911', 'Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety', and more.

  3. Scout Programs

    Scout programs are offered for boys and girls in grades K-5. Classes are taught by a Frisco firefighter.

  4. Special Events

    Frisco Fire Safety Town offers events for different seasons, like October's Trick-or-Treat, December's Holiday Lights display, and Spring & Summer Safety Weekends.

  5. Spring Break & Summer Programs

    Browse current programs for spring break and summer.

  6. The Resident Clowns

    Learn more about Safety Town's own resident clowns.