Spring Break & Summer Programs

Frisco Fire Safety Town offers free safety education programs during both FISD spring and summer breaks. We offer a wide range of safety topics for children currently in or completed kindergarten through 5th grade. Programs include interactive learning and bike time in the village. We have a fleet of children's bikes, some with training wheels. You may NOT bring your own bike to Safety Town.  All children are required to be accompanied by an adult when visiting Safety Town for programs, tours and events. All safety programs are conducted by a Frisco firefighter or safety educator.


Spring Break 2019!  Registration starts Friday, February 1, 2019.  

Summer Program registration for the general public starts June 1, 2019;  We offer public programs Tuesday - Friday for two weeks in June and two weeks in July. 

During summer, we offer All Day School / Daycare Group dedicated time slots.  We ask that you only select those for your group. 

Program Descriptions

We now offer a more interactive learning experience with most of our public programs.  Children will spend time exploring the fire engine, visiting our safety house, watching a video in our After the Fire Theatre as well as bike ride time in the village. 

Home/Life/Severe Weather Safety

Children will learn safety tips around the home including hazards to avoid;  Additionally there will be a focus on severe weather safety; Students will learn difference between a severe weather watch and a warning, and what to do in a severe weather situation. While watching a simulated tornado occurring during severe weather, they will practice seeking shelter.

Bicycle /Outdoor Safety 

Students will learn the importance of helmets, for both children and adults, while riding wheeled vehicles, and about the proper hand signals to use while riding a bicycle on roads. Additionally, outdoor hazards will be discussed with mock examples shown in our mini-town.

Fire Safety and Burn Prevention

Children will learn what to do if a fire occurs in their home. The importance of an exit plan will be discussed, and students will practice escaping from a bedroom window.

Sports Safety

Children will learn the importance of staying hydrated, how to recognize a concussion and how to prevent an overuse injury.

Bike Safety

Babysitter Safety

Children 10-13 years old can participate in this 1.5 hour program. Students will learn how to properly handle an infant and small child, types of safe play for children and basic safety measures needed to serve as a responsible babysitter. The class does not provide certification. (This is our only 'independent' class, but an adult must check in and check out with each student.)

Babysitter Safety

Educational Tours

Is your child too young for a program? We do offer educational walking tours for all age groups;  It includes a half-hour tour of the facility and mini-town, including a visit to the interactive fire engine and safety house. Younger visitors who take a 'walk around' Safety Town can practice their pedestrian skills and crosswalk safety in our mini-town. (No jeep or bike rides are included as part of the Safe and Sound Walk Around.)