5th Grade

5th graders visiting Frisco Fire Safety Town will study "Home and Life Safety" during their safety program. The class will last approximately one and a half hours (45 minutes classroom and 45 minutes outdoor activities) that includes:
  • A classroom presentation
  • Video presentation
  • Outdoor activity (bike rides)
During the class, students will:
  • Learn about hazards in the home and ways to keep safe while home alone
  • Do a quick review of safety topics they have previously learned at Safety Town
  • Practice bicycle safety while riding in the village
Home Safety Kit
The 5th grade classroom has a maximum capacity of 45 children. Programs are taught twice each day at 9:30 a.m. and again at noon.

Scheduling Priority

Frisco I.S.D. schools will have scheduling priority through mid-November. Open registration for other districts starts mid-November.

Pre-visit Resources

To assist classroom educators, we have created a 5th Grade Pre-visit Teacher Resource Guide that includes an overview of the Home and Life Safety program.

Classroom Educator Forms