Home School Groups

Frisco Fire Safety Town offers safety education programs for home-schooled children (in Kindergarten through fifth grade) during Home School Days held twice each year (July and January.)

Home School Days - Fire Safety (ages 5-12)
Tuesdays and Thursdays - July 18 & 20 & July 25 & 27  

The program will include a classroom portion prior to the activity. Bike ride time will follow the educational program.  

REGISTER starting June 1. Please note we have a NEW scheduling model. All families will register individually for the desired date to attend our Fire Safety Homeschool Program.

Bike Ride Time Info

  • All bikers should be 40" tall to ride. 
  • We provide bikes that are 20" (some with training wheels) that have pedal brakes and 24" that have hand brakes. 
  • We provide helmets, but you are welcome to bring your own. Helmets are required and must fit properly to ride. Avoid high ponytails, large bows, etc. 
  • Visitors may NOT bring in their own bikes, push cars, scooters, wagons, tricycles, etc. 
  • Biker riders should wear PE attire and MUST wear closed toe shoes for ride time. 
  • Any sibling not age-eligible for the class will not participate in the activities/ride time.  Parents may practice pedestrian safety in mini-town during ride time. 
  • We will start each program on time, please make every effort not to be late to avoid missing anything. 

NO FOOD or DRINK POLICY: We do not allow food or drinks in the facility. Bottled water is okay. You may bring a water bottle to refill  at our filling station. 

CHAPERONE CHECK IN:  All adults must be screened at check in. Please bring your state issued ID to be scanned. 

We encourage visitors to review these pages prior to your visit: Chaperone Guidelines, Ride Time Guidelines, Parking

If both dates each week fill up, we may add Wednesdays of these same weeks if there is sufficient interest.  

Next Home School Days will be in January 2024.